Abdul-Shaheed Aaron

Abdul-Shaheed Aaron


My life is a very diverse book of many pages. For this, we shall begin, when my Artistic Me, began.

In Dec of 2009 I became a victim of a violent crime. I had to undergo numerous surgeries, one of which was to save fingers on both hands. After months of therapy and searching for ways to get me to want to use my hands properly, I was given a camera. A light turned on in my soul. I started seeing and noticing things I never took the time to see before. Through all the hardships I have endured,

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About My Work:

Along with my fine art images, I do photojournalism and commercial photography as well. I have done many private and public events, senior pictures, fashion, branding, weddings and more. Each client is different and  each ones gets taken on an adventure with their shoots. I always share the what and why we are doing certain things in order to get certain shots. When they see the images, the smiles and excitement tell me I captured their vision correctly.

As for my own artwork, those are the projects I do for myself, that’s when I get down. I research and take notes, as much of my own work are messages about or a part of history we don’t want to be reminded of. Other times, they are colorful and soul lifting messages of who we still can become.

I do hope my images speak in a way to share these messages with anyone who sees them.

Upcoming Events:

A recent project done in collaboration with a dear friend, Adreia Hawkins, entitled “Phoenix: Exhaled” was selected in 2020 to be displayed as a large mural on the exterior of the Arts Council of Indianapolis at 924 N. Pennsylvania. This is my first public artwork. It will be installed at this location for the next two years.

Pricing Information:

Prices vary based upon the client and the project.


I am a 100% self-taught artist. My passion for photography came out of the necessity to learn to use my fingers again after my injury. The result is my artwork.

  • Wilbert L. Holloway Best News Pictures, Third Place, 2017: image taken at the funeral service of Muhammad Ali.
  • Arts Council of Indianapolis window mural installation competition, 2020 – 2024: image made in collaboration with Adreia Hawkins.


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