Alicia Obermeyer

From the Artist:
The surplus amount of food, trinkets, houses, cars, roads, lights, street signs, buildings, factories, the mass production within the factories, gardens, billboards, jewelry, clothes, shoes, pollution, garbage, Presidents’ Day Sales, senior citizens, Super Wal-Marts, Sports team paraphernalia, trans-fat, leather purses, vacant lots, magazines, and various fruit drinks is enough to make one reach for the surplus amounts of over-the-counter pain-relieving drugs.


More Info

About My Work:

“I create objects in response to the material world that is prevalent today. My paintings incorporate collage and oil mediums. The garden I installed is made from found objects such as sales ads and wire garden fences.” Alicia Obermeyer

Pricing Information:

Price Range:
2’x3′ painting: $30

Acrylic, Computer, Oil, Newspapers, found objects, sales ads



Affiliations & Awards:
2007Mattison Scholarship, Herron School of Art and Design; 2007 Julia Wickes Study Abroad Scholarship, Herron School of Art and Design; 2007 International Experience Scholarship, IUPUI; 2004-Present Dean’s List, Herron School of Art and Design



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