Amy Reel

Amy Reel


Most artists find a particular style or way of working that suites them.  They then find themes and ideas to fit into their specific style.  Amy starts with the idea and then finds a way of working and a medium that will best express that idea.

I need to make things, beautiful things.  It is my nature to create and imitate and reflect and imagine.  Color is inspiring, form is exciting, and the physical representation of abstract thought is essential.  Hopefully others will enjoy my work

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About My Work:


Reel paints with oils, focusing on the relationship between nature and human nature. Her landscapes are made through the filter of human perspective, and figures through the observation of other people. She uses color to invite emotion to hint at a narrative. And her landscapes represent people’s environments, their visual surroundings, and internal thought.


Pricing Information:

Prices range from $20 for small works on wood to $2,000 for large oil paintings.


Amy received her BFA from Tyler School of Art.  She also studied at Pratt Institute and Temple University Rome for a brief time.


Amy has a studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts.


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