Andy Bradburn

As an artist I’ve pretty much been in the closet until now. My work has always been visual and I have used a wide spectrum of mediums including oil and acrylic painting, watercolors, and pretty much anything that will soak into a brush. in addition, I’ve used everything from hemp ash, and charcoal to grasses and berries to draw with. I can’t forget the trusty number 2 pencil. I have also used different computer software to create wall hangings as well as animations and short films. To close

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About My Work:

I truly believe that it’s the respect of difference that is important in my life and I strive to show that in my work. I finished my first oil painting when I was 6 or so and haven’t stopped yet. More often than not my work consists of high contrasts light and dark, bright and dull, big and little, just about any contrast you might think of. I feel my work should have a balance of these contrasts that in the end is as tolerant as it is opposing.

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I may accept an offer?


John Herron School of Art 1975,1976, sort of…


none since the 70′ or at best the 80’s


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