Angela DeCamp

Angela DeCamp

Angela DeCamp grew up in a regular old middle class Indianapolis suburb. She spent most of her childhood sketching pictures of her many crushes in her very private journal.

Angela’s professional art training began with Herron School of Art and Design’s Saturday School program. From there she went on to receive her Bachelors of Fine Art from Harding University.

The inspiration for Angela’s work comes from her numerous international travel experiences; it comes from road trips through the

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About My Work:

​I use my work to be a vehicle with which to make connections and encourage understanding. I create to express the depth of my personal experience without finding myself completely tangled in cumbersome words, often leading to miscommunication.

Much of my subject matter is of women who are searching for something or requesting a response of the viewer. Alternatively, my landscapes simply invite the viewer to step in and enjoy the scenery, without making any demands. It is my goal to emphasize aspects of strength and vulnerability in each subject.

In this way, I endeavor to demonstrate that although women and landscapes are typically seen as being purely objects of beauty, there is a complexity women possess by being both captivating and also human. This mirrors my own struggle as a female to meet the standards of beauty set for me by society, but also to assert my worth through qualities that are often overlooked: my humanity, my depth of emotion, and my intelligence.

The methods I employ to communicate this struggle typically fall within watercolor and pen drawings, or oil on canvas. In both cases I create multiple thin layers to gradually build up the work and create dimensionality.

Upcoming Events:

December: First Friday Showing at Broken Beaker Distillery

February: Showing at Round Town brewery

Pricing Information:

I typically price by square inch, plus the cost of the frame (if framed)

Oil Paintings: $1.00 per square inch

Works on paper $.50 per square inch.


Bachelors of Fine Art from Harding University


University’s Artist of the Year, 2013, from Harding University’s Art Department


  • Windswept. 3ftx4ft Sold.