Mixed-media artist, independent curator and art instructor Anthony “Tony” Radford, was first inspired through his desire to share his own art as well as the work of a multitude of talented African-American artists living, working and creating in the Indianapolis community, an environment where relatively few Black artists work were/are viewed by the public-at-large.


A 2000 NUVO Cultural Vision Awards winner, the arts activist has had an exceptional history of commitment to area artists, and

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About My Work:

A focused area of my art practice is of a serious context with a diachronic message within his eye opening, opinionated, collaged statement pieces.   Much of this work is based on social, political commentary and leans toward past racial injustices which represent revolt against traditional doctrine and unmasks the desire to overlook or to forget yesteryears issues of hatred and bigotry.


I also create abstract artworks using shape, form, color and line to create interesting, non-realistic compositions.   I make these works as paintings or 3-dimensional sculptures (including assemblage of found, recycled or reclaimed objects.)     I utilize a wide variety of media including acrylic paint, oil, mixed-media, metal, plastic, glass, natural elements, wood, textile – fiber, paper, and other materials.


Each February through March, as Curator and Host of the annual Indianapolis Public Library (INDYPL) – African American History Committe (AAHC), presentation of “Meet The Artists’ ” African-American Exhibition of Art, I continually seek out new Visual Artists, Designers, Artisans, Craft Artists, Performers, Entertainers, Authors and Special Presentation Guests for our renowned Gala Opening and Art Exhibition.    CONTACT:  317-538-5709 .


As an Indianapolis Art Instructor of over twenty years, I facilitate “Children’s Workshops” and “Artist Residencies,” where youth learn basic elements of creating mixed-media artwork and crafts.

** ARTIST RESIDENCY:   “COMMUNITY WALK.”     (Please Contact Me for Detailed Information).  



“ANTHONY RADFORD” ARTIST WORKSHOPS:      Contact:  317-538-5709  ,

Site Location:   Throughout the Midwest:

OFFERING;  “Pop Art Workshops,”  “Mask Making Workshops,”  “Abstract Workshops” ** :     


** POP ART WORKSHOP:         (Please Contact Me for More Information). 

Students will be introduced to creating art-craft objects with mixed-media materials and theme by their teacher.

  • Age:  7 – 12
  • Length:  45 min
  • Audience Limit:  30



** MASK MAKING WORKSHOP:          (Please Contact Me for More Information). 

Students will be introduced to creating a variety of mixed-media “Masks” and theme in imaginative ways by their teacher.

  • Age:  7 – 12
  • Length:  45 min
  • Audience Limit:  30



** ABSTRACT WORKSHOP:               (Please Contact Me for More Information). 

Students will be introduced to creating a variety of mixed-media “Abstract” work utilizing a number of printmaking and manuel techniques by their teacher.

  • Age:  7 – 12
  • Length:  45 min
  • Audience Limit:  30







The Meet The Artists’ XXVII_27Th Anniversary Celebration Art Exhibition and Gala at Central, INDYPLibrary_2015_Curator – Participating Artist__INDPLS, IN.   /   ART & SOUL 2015_Indianapolis ArtsGarden__IN.  /    6 Local Artists’ @ The Anthaeneum__2015_INDPLS, IN.   /    FLAVA FRESH XII !_2015-2016_annual juried, URBANE D’ART INC. ~ D. DelReverda-Jennings, multiple art exhibition presentation series_INDPLS, IN.   /   FLAVA FRESH XI !_2014-2015_INDPLS, IN.  __  Indianapolis Arts Garden, Fishers Town Hall – Fishers, IN.,  /   IIC Gallery @ the Indiana Interchurch Center, /   Clowes Hall Of Butler University. /   The North College Avenue Branch_ Indianapolis Public Library_IN.  /    The Meet The Artists’ XXVI_26Th Anniversary Celebration Art Exhibition and Gala at Central, Indianapolis Public Library_2014_INDPLS, IN.   /    FLAVA FRESH X !_2013-2014_INDPLS, IN.  __  Indianapolis Arts Garden, IIC Gallery @ the Indiana Interchurch Center, the North College Avenue Branch_ Indianapolis Public Library_IN.  /   The Meet The Artists’ XXV_25Th Anniversary Celebration Art Exhibition and Gala at Central, INDYPL._2013_INDPLS, IN.   /   FLAVA FRESH IX !_2012-2013_INDPLS, IN.   /   FLAVA FRESH VIII !_2011-2012_INDPLS, IN.   /   Harrison Center for the Arts annual Independent Music and Art Festival (IMAF)_2011_INDPLS, IN.   /   FLAVA FRESH VII !_2010-2011 held at the Indianapolis Arts Garden, Indiana University ~ Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)_Cultural Arts Gallery, “TRANSCENDENCE”_at Gallery 924 ~ Arts Council of Indianapolis, and the North College Avenue Branch, Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (IMCPL)_IN.   /   the Offices of Mayor Gregory Ballard’s, “Artists’ Showcase”_2010, 2011_INDPLS, IN.   /   the Dayton Visual Arts Center._ OH.   /   Group Exhibition_Sinclair College_Dayton, OH.   /   ‘Art In The Garden’ annual events, 1998-2010_ INDPLS, IN.   /   Indianapolis Arts Center_IN.   /   the Indiana State Museum_INDPLS.   /   the annual IMCPibrary presentations of “Meet The Artists” Gala and Exhibitions_1988 – 2013.   /   Primary Colors group exhibitions_INDPLS, IN.   /   a number of Indiana Black EXPO Inc. Fine Art exhibitions_INDPLS.   /   Conversations In Blackness_the Collective Art Gallery LLC._2007_ INDPLS, IN.   /   the URBANE D’ART INC. ~ D. DelReverda-Jennings annual exhibition presentation series of FLAVA FRESH !, 2004, ’06 ,’07, ’08, ’09, held at the Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University, Garfield Park Arts Center, the North College Avenue Branch IMCPLibrary, the Loudermilk Gallery, and the Dean Johnson Gallery_Holiday One Piece Show_2006_INDPLS, IN.   /   the Art Of Politics_2008_INDPLS, IN.   /   a number of IMCPL Youth Workshops in 2007, ’08, and ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, _INDPLS, IN.   /   Facilitated as a juror in art competitions_the IBE Inc. Cultural Arts Pavilion, Artists’ Market_2006, ’07_INDPLS, IN.   /   the Collective Art Gallery LLC., presentation of “Glimpses of African American Artists”_2005_INDPLS, IN.   /   and the eXcell Awards Competition_Cincinnati, OH.   /




Upcoming Events:

*  FLAVA  FRESH 12 !_2015 – 2016:   Annual Juried, Multiple Art Exhibition Presentation Series. _ INDPLS, IN.


*  MEET THE ARTISTS’ XXVIII :  ___  Indianapolis Public Library (INDYPL), __February – March 2016. __ IN.


*  ART IN  THE GARDEN:    ___ TBA:      __ INDPLS, IN.

Pricing Information:

Please Contact For INFO:    $300.00 and up.


Indianapolis Public Library (INDYPL) – Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (IMCPL). /   INDYPL – IMCPL  African American History Committee (AAHC).  /   Art In The Garden_STUDIO 3001 Artists’.  /   FLAVA  FRESH !  Artist Participant__Award Winner.  /    Fomer Co-Founder “I AM” Artists Group.  /   Former Co-Founder of the “INDY Renaissance” an Indianapolis, Indiana., African American Artist Consortium.  /


Inducted into the 9th Edition of the acclaimed national publication “Who’s Who In Black Indianapolis” in 2014 and was selected as one of the prestigious 125 Neighborhood Leaders” in 2013.    In 2010, Radford was honored with the esteemed Center For Leadership Development Minority Achievers Award for “Achievement In Arts/Music/Theatre.”     Awarded a 2000 NUVO Cultural Vision Award.     Numerous Awards_Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (IMCPL) – (INDYPL)_1989 – 2015.



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  1. Mr Tony Radford my name is Calandra Watkins. Your cousin Jason told me to reach out to for the event MEET THE ARTIST… And other event he said your were having soon as well as taking one of your classes. I’m very interested in meeting you Mr. Radford and being in the events if you’d have me.. Thank you Calandra Watkins. 3172586395


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