Ardis Harsche

Inspired by her fellow Paleolithic artists, Ardis Harshe applies charcoal, dry earth pigments, and encaustic (a beeswax medium) into oil paint to represent the texture and look of the caves. With charcoal sticks she boldly sketches using quick, natural strokes on her “cave wall canvas”. In some works Ardis mixes sand and other natural substances with the encaustic, creating the “encaustic mixed” medium. Using this technique she recreates a hunk of the cave, beckoning the viewer to reach out and

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Past President: Badlands Art Assn., member: Stutz Artist Assn., member: IDADA past instructor at Indianapolis Arts Center and IUPUI



Judges Choice and Governor’s Choice Awards


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  1. Hello Ardis, I live down on hopi dr in clarkdale,weve spoken when we walked our dogs on main.Would like to see more of you art sometime..liked the charlie brown panel you had out last yr. thanks,Robert


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