Ashten Houpt

Ashten Houpt


My work is a representation of the world through my eyes. I am one of many who read the tabloids, mindless magazines and rumor-filled blogs. Media is ubiquitous and is an inescapable part of daily life. Scanning through many fashion magazines, I am affected by the pressures pushed upon us as women: to be thin, tan, covered with make up and dressed in a certain way. My art reflects these pressures by presenting them in a new medium.

Most of my work starts with an image of me. I then go to the

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About My Work:

Whether it be a collage, drawing or sculpture I am strongly influenced by the pressures society puts on us as women. I am influenced by my environments such as fashion shows that I may be walking in or being around other peers.In my work I use body image, womens roles and the changing of our society.

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Junior at Herron School of Art and Design.


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