Barbara Bell

My first published novel, Stacking in Rivertown, was purchased and edited in 1999 by Michael Korda, editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster. It was released in 2000 and subsequently released in Australia and Israel.

In 2006, I teamed up with co-director Anna Lorentzon to create the feature documentary, Graphic Sexual Horror, about the shocking porn website and how it was shut down through the use of the Patriot Act. Screening to sold-out audiences at Slamdance in 2009, it went on to

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About My Work:

My work always finds its source from the outer edges of society, with focus on the external manifestations of psychological damage and how individuals cope with severe internal conflicts.

Stacking in Rivertown, a thriller published by Simon & Schuster, follows a damaged ex-prostitute as she’s chased not just by her old pimp, but by harrowing memories of loss.

In the documentary, Graphic Sexual Horror, we interview PD, an artist and ex-Carneghi Mellon professor as he talks about his website,, one of the first and most notorious bondage websites in the world. We interview women who modeled for him and his staff, focusing on how the pressure of money and notoriety affected “consent.” The extremity of the situation illuminates profound problems that we all face as humans, especially greed. In a final twist, we show how the government suborned consent by misusing the Patriot Act, a law was created to protect us from terrorists.

Line of Battle follows a young woman who is tortured in the Himalayas and her trajectory toward psychological healing.

My blog, crib in a crack hood, will paint pictures of the men, women, and children that society has left behind.

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Stacking in Rivertown – a novel:

Graphic Sexual Horror – documentary:

The Bull is Blind – CD of songs:

Line of Battle – a novel:



Bachelor of Arts from Ball State University for music



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