Barbara Butz

Barbara Butz


I originally trained as a florist and owned my own floral shop for several years. I have always loved the beauty of flowers, and I find great joy in not only giving fresh arrangements to others, but also sharing my floral paintings. I am a watercolor artist, and I enjoy using the paints in unexpected ways to create vibrant, vivid colors on a canvas.


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About My Work:

I work with watercolor paints to achieve images saturated with vibrant, bright colors.  My favorite subject is flowers, and I find inspiration nearly every time I step outside.

Pricing Information:

Originals range from $250 to $1,000.

Giclee prints range from $25 to $100.

Greeting cards are $4 each.

Commissioned pieces are available upon request.


Taught by JoAnn Cardwell and Irina Smulevitch.


Member of the Watercolor Society of Indiana


United Art and Education Award for Painting

Multiple Sweepstakes Awards in Fine Art at the Indiana State Fair


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  1. We just found a very old watercolor painting by a Dr. Butz. Any relation to you?
    Phil & Debbie Gjervold
    Eden Prairie, Mn


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