Becky Brill

“My photography is very diverse based on the mood or location that I am in. For many years my focus has been photographing flower in their most intimate details. In recent years I am experimenting with the tonal qualities of black and white. As co-owner of a fine art greeting card company my focus has expanded to become proficient in landscapes and various other types of work.” Becky Brill



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About My Work:

Photographer, Becky Brill, is also one of the partners of Image and Verse LLC. Becky has been taking images most of her life, but became serious about photography in the mid `80’s. Most of her images are taken with a digital SLR, and her focus is flowers and nature. She is currently President of the largest camera club in Indianapolis, Indiana and has placed in competitions around Indiana as well as being hung at the Hyatt Regency and other restaurants. She also teaches at the Indianapolis Art Center.

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Instructor, Indianapolis Art Center Photo Venture Club Co-owner, Image and Verse LLC



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