Billy Brandon Rios Aguilar

Billy Brandon Rios Aguilar



My work is rooted in traditional art forms. I have always been fascinated with the visual language of printmaking and the idea of creating something that can last forever. My work is not abstract, but it is also not representational. I am most interested in exploring how traditional methods can be used to create pieces that are beautiful, functional, and timeless.

In my work I tried to make the images as large as possible, but also I like to leave most of my paper clear from anything – just ... view more »

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About My Work:

Half of my prints are done with graphite and paper while using other methods such as drawing the design on a plastic sheet in order to get the textures of the crayon/pencil. The other half of the prints are done digitally but made to simulate a graphite pencil. When it comes to the process of working on these two series, I tend to have more involvement with the illustrations, as they are not a single subject that I am drawing, or subjects floating in a white canvas. 


I’m currently working towards my bachelor degree in ISP (Integrated Studio Practice) with my main discipline being printmaking.


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