Brian Hendrickson

“Drawing and Painting are methods I use to explore both the outer world of light and form and the inner regions where inspiration and wonder reside. This has been a lifelong expedition, though often it seems like I’ve only taken the first few steps on a long road with spectacular scenery along the way.”



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About My Work:

The paintings of Brian Hendrickson are tributes to Indiana’s natural beauty, executed with tremendous care and meticulous detail. He works primarily in egge tempera, a medium noted for its luminosity, durability and lack of practitioners after the sixteenth century.

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Former illustator for Indianapolis Star; Courtroom Artist for WishTV; Co-creator for Fishheads Magazine “Brothers” the Art of Brian and Jason Hendrickson; Stutz Art Gallery; Murphy Arts Center Herron School of Art; Artist Runway Group Show; the Toys Show; Harrison Center of the Arts Memph



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