Caroline Tabac

Caroline Tabac



Caroline Tabac was born in Cannes, in the south of France, in 1970.

After moving to the United States in 2001, she studied metal sculpting at the Miami Art Center and began creating the first of her many unique pieces.

In 2005, she opened her Sculpture Studio at the historical Stutz Business & Arts Center in downtown Indianapolis.

Her works are found in private and corporate collections locally and nationally.


More Info

About My Work:

I quickly found my style and voice with the sleekness of the steel rod that I combine with more diverse materials, including glass, stone, wood, and multi-colored acrylic with various lighting effects.

I relieve the weight of the steel by giving it a lightness that belies the material that the art has been extracted from.

My art creates an abstract realism possessing a quiet sensitivity, balancing between elegance and refined simplicity. I define empty space by trapping it into open metal sculpture so everyone can find their own place within each individual work of art.

Pricing Information:

From $500

To $10,000


Arts Council of Indianapolis

Stutz Artists Association


  • Gallery 1 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 2 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 3 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 4 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 5 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 6 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 7 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 8 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 9 - Caroline Tabac
  • Gallery 10 - Caroline Tabac
  • Bull - steel - 21" x 10"


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