Carrie Wild

Carrie Wild


“The focus of my artwork is the natural world, because it provides miraculous and complex subject matter. I depict it in both realistic and imaginary ways, my main goal being to entice the viewer to pause and closely examine the subject matter, to wonder and reflect on its detail. I want to create a sense of fulfillment and a recognition of magic, so that the beauty of this world might be better appreciated. Conservation of our natural surroundings is essential, and inspiration is a vital part

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About My Work:

Carrie Wild’s detailed ink and watercolor images have been exhibited and sold in Indianapolis at local galleries and other venues, including the Indianapolis Art Center. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market, Guideposts, and Indianapolis Pet Quarterly. She has licensed her designs for use in the greeting card industry and accepts commissions from private clients.

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Indianapolis Art Center, Individual Artist Project Grant from Indiana Arts Commission, B.A. in Studio Art from Knox College



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