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About My Work:

As a pencil portrait artist for almost twenty years, I focus on creating black and white, individual and group portraits with or without backgrounds. I work from photographs, and the process is simple.

  • I recieve a photograph and specifics from a client
  • I create the finished piece
  • I deliver the work to the client however may be most convenient according to destination

Although the majority of my work tends to focus on faces and figures of my clients significant others, including pets and even cars, I am not limited to such portraits. I take great pride in the little details of intricate backgrounds. Please feel free to contact me about any challenging image that you choose.

I have an extensive portfolio of personal works that I can show by appointment.


Pricing Information:

Price range varies according to number of faces or figures and the varying degree of intricacy in the background and peripherals. My base rate for a 14×17 or 12×18 single face, head and shoulder without backgroud is forty dollars.

The following are basic prices for specific content:

  • 40$ – single face head and shoulder, (usually best on 14×17 80lbs. Canson).
  • 55$ – single figure, (usually best on 18×24 80lbs. Canson).
  • 35$ – per face for head and shoulder groups, (two or more).
  • 50$ – per figure for groups.
  • Backgrouds always depend on intricacy, however; even the most intrcate of scenery should not be more than an added face or figure.

I prefer Derwent Graphics on 80lbs. Canson drawing paper, and can customize size to fit perfectly that empty space on your wall.


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