Chris Chaffin

Chris Chaffin


For many years, I’ve watched my family members display their awesome artistic abilities in oil painting, drawing, design work and many other medium creations. Trying to discover mine wasn’t easy. They were there, but trying the sit and work patiently avenues did not work well for me. I wanted to be active and still be able to create something that would be admired. It took years to finally find the art that I could connect with, both with my energy levels and with a class of show-off beauty.

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About My Work:

Every piece is abstract and unique.  No need to add a glass protection.  In most cases, they are ready to hang.   Rich, vibrant colors with a mirroring shine that lights up any room.   Also, depending on the lighting, they will cast different color hues and give a different look.    

I’ve been doing some other creations using concrete and epoxy that I will be displaying soon.  

Pricing Information:

Feel free to contact me with questions or for pricing.   Commission work is welcomed.

Prices range from $175.00 – $2500.00


Self educated Artist


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