Chris Tower

“When I was very little, television was my only escape from a world that I considered to be a very drab place. On Sundays, Channel 41 would broadcast movies all afternoon, usually starting with a light-hearted comedy and moving on to musicals, romances or the occasional western. One of those Sunday afternoons changed my life. The movie I watched that afternoon starred Rosalind Russell and was called “Auntie Mame,” not to be confused with the earlier Broadway pay or the later, inferior movie

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About My Work:

My 2-D work is rendered in Acrylic paint, ink, and charcoal on paper or canvas. It leans to abstraction but always starts with a foundation in the figure or a literal element with emphasis on the line and form. I love color and texture and include them liberally in all of my work.

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Indiana University Academic Grant, 1999-2001 Indiana University, Herron School of Art Deans List, 1998-2001



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