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About My Work:

I wanted to bring the experience of grow my own art and capturing it in photography. My style is mainly portrait and macro bringing in detail and bright colors one can not find in normal decor. I get my subject matter from the 50 different bulbs and perennials in my flower beds on my modest 1/3 of an acre typical suburbian lot. I also live on a old tree line that holds a creek. I take plenty of nature walks through there also. From the woods I also enjoy all the critters that come to my 4 or more feeders. So I enjoy capturing Indy’s nature offerings right in or near my backyard. This inspired my photography called Backyard Shots.

Pricing Information:

Flat rate pricing including sales tax:

4×6 Matted $10 each

5×7 Matted $10 each

8×10’s matted to mat size 11×14 are $20 each

All mats come in black or white unless requested other wise

Shipping and handling is extra and will be added to order, please contact me for costs


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