Christina Coraggio

After being told for years that pursuing art wasn’t a viable source of income or success, I was finally able to abandon the discouraging notion that what I truly loved doing was insignificant. Perhaps I’m a bit late to the game of exhibiting my work…or maybe I needed to wait until now. Either way, it’s my time to take a risk and really start focusing on that which fills me with joy.

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About My Work:

Most of the work I do for pleasure is politically influenced. Invoking uncomfortable feelings is something I find to be scarce in art, and I find beauty in recognizing this feeling and its deeper implications.

I’m fairly new to tattooing, but would love to participate in it full time eventually. Collaborating with someone who is dedicating just as much time as I am and forming a relationship that involves one trusting me to use their body as canvas for a permanent image is incredible.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for charcoal work. My father was an art student, and when I was a child, he introduced me to chalk pastels and charcoal and I was immediately hooked. Whenever I have trouble mobilizing my imagination, I flee to the world of blackened fingers and dusty paper.

Pricing Information:

Negotiable. Tattoo minimum $50.


Psychology and Sociology at Butler University.