Christopher Smock

Acrylic paint on panels is my medium.  I paint in an opaque, transparent and glazing technique that is similar to the blending techniques of oil painting. In acrylic, I build up layers of colors and use wet and dry brushing, cutting edges, and cropping. This is the best way to describe my painting process, but unlike oil painting, with acrylics the process is restarted over and over again until it is finished. Traditional landscapes, portrait, still-life,  and urban scenes that are

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About My Work:

My work in acrylic paint and on panels is what I think is true to an American style of painting that draws from the roots of American Craftsmanship traditions in the arts such as painting on panels, American portraiture, and innovation in style. The arts in the west have mostly been influenced by non-American styles that do not hold fast to our diverse and different cultures.  The arts, for me, are a search for the truly American point of view. I feel my art is not limited by schools of foreign thought and tradition. The use of other mediums and perspective that were opened by artists like Johns, Warhol, Whistler and Hopper has influenced my working with nontraditional mediums to create something new. This is what makes my artwork mine.

Pricing Information:

The range starts around $100 and up for my pieces. i also work alot on commission for Portraiture and Landscape artworks. The other area of artworks that i do are murals- a mural start at $1000 for the most basic of painting and depending on the project and how it is created, the pricing can be only on per project mural.


Bachelors of Fine Art- University of Indianapolis 1997

National Mural Conference Philadelphia PA 2004 master mural painting class


Indiana Artist and Craftsman Award 1997

Masterpiece In a Day 2001  Honorable mention and exhibit October 2001

Public Mural on Monon Trail at 49th Street 2005


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