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More Info

About My Work:

I have done work in several media. Most of my work is done with pencil, and or pen and ink. I mainly create my own greeting cards, and assorted illustrations dealing in realistic/cartoonish designs. I also work some lettering designs into my cards. I have also done a few logo designs in the past, as well as a couple of murals in the city. I have worked with Acrylics the most, but I also like to work in oils on occasion.  I am currently trying to get back into the painting side of things after an extended time away from it. My genre is mainly general public, but I have also done some work with the erotic arts/gay themed art. I have a Bachelors degree in graphic design, but have had to go to retail to make a living while doing my art on the side. I am always an artist, and it never goes away, but still looking to find that right door to swing through, and make it official.

Pricing Information:

I am still working on my permanent pricing for the work I do. The pricing I have followed mostly is as follows:

B/W illustrations : from $20 up depending on size of illustration/drawing

Color illustrations: from $25 and up also depending on the size of the illustration /drawing

paintings: price to be determined at a later date

Murals: initial consultation free, additional consultation :$20 with determination of project size and whether its an indoor work or an outdoor situation, all other costs to be determined upon confirmation of project and size. General rule of thumb is $30/sq. ft.


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