Daniel Young

Daniel Young


My name is Daniel Andrew Young. I was born in Indiana, and grew up here, graduating from Clinton Central High School in 1963, attended IU in Kokomo and Bloomington, with time between in the US Army. I have worked professionally in music sporadically since leaving IU in 1973, mostly in Central Indiana. I was a paid songriter in 1976, and had songs published and recorded.

I became an American songbook vocalist in the eighties and nineties, and entered the jazz realm in 2002. I am also a

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About My Work:

American Songbook Jazz Vocalist

AND Multi-Arts in Electronic Media

Two Art eBooks of Illustrated/Graphic Poetry

Spoken Word Performing – Poetry and Monologues

Original Art Songs and Jazz Songs – Words and Music

Pricing Information:

$400 for private functions, vocalist with pianist. Vocalist with jazz trio, sound $600.

Public functions, solo guitar and vocal $150 minimum

$125 minimum appearance fee, solo, short programs

$250 for private functions over 1 hour



Indiana University. Acting and singing classes, student shows. Bachelors Degree, IUPUI, 2001. (School of Arts & Sciences)





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