David Bartley

Photography is a natural extension of my relationship with nature. I believe that to truly experience it, you must first become a part of it— a respectful guest—listening, watching, and learning. Only then can you earn the trust necessary to be present for a revealing moment of enlightenment. My photos seek to define that moment.


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About My Work:

The work I am currently exhibiting falls into two categories: Look Up, a series of sky
photography that captures fleeting moments of extraordinary beauty when light,
clouds, and nature blend to form scenes that inspire contemplative thought; Look Around,
a collection of photographs that provide a pictorial journey to remote areas and a view
of the abundant beauty right here in Indianapolis.


Too often in our society we are preoccupied with past regrets and future worries.
We do not take the time to observe the beauty and peace all around us—
gifts of the present that are always there to calm and strengthen us. This set of
photographs is a reminder of what awaits if we only pause, breathe, and Look Up.


You don’t have to go far to experience a spectacular array of flora and fauna.
Most of the photos in this collection were taken right here in Indianapolis—
along White River & Eagle Creek, and even in my own backyard just north of downtown.
Many other explore more remote areas of the world, like Alaska, Scotland, Michigan, and
Glacier National Park. Being present for these encounters has less to do with going somewhere to find it, and more about having the patience and desire to let nature come to you.

Pricing Information:

All of my photographs are available in a variety of sizes. Larger prints include a handmade placard and a bonus DVD featuring my work. Custom collages and matting are available upon request.

8×10: $25.00
12×16: $59.00
16×20: $99.00
20×30: $150.00


Indiana University School of Business (Bloomington)—Graduated in May 1990 with a B.S. in Marketing/Advertising; minor in Sociology


Meridian Park Neighborhood Association, National Wildlife Federation, Friends of Holliday Park, South Haven Center for the Arts


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