Dawn Rivera

Dawn Rivera


I have always been creative growing up in Michigan and trying all different types of crafts.  My dad taught me stained and blown glass but after taking 1 fused glass class with him I knew I found my medium.  I hijacked his kiln and started making small gifts for friends and it just started growing to bigger things.  I have been doing fused glass part time for over 7 years and after being in the corporate world for over 10 years I

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About My Work:

I am a fused glass artist and make bowls, sculptures, plates, vases and more.  I love doing abstract work and trying new color combinations.  I layer different colors of glass on top of each other and fuse them together in my kiln at 1350 degrees and higher depending on the look Im going for.  The higher I cook it the more it looses its layers and becomes one piece of glass.

Pricing Information:

Vases $45 on up

Cheese plates- $55

Bowls and plates- $90 on up

Sculptures-  $150 on up


BFA from Wayne State – major: advertising design

Have taken classes in interior Design


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