Deangelo Douglas

Deangelo Douglas


Hello World,

In my little corner of the web,  Deangelo Douglas art represents the weird void in my brain that processes the reality in front of me. I have a deep appreciation for the ’80s and early  2000’s late-night anime.  My other passion outside of art is hiking. I hope to hike all of the Nationals parks by the time I’m 35.

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About My Work:

Think of Toonami mixed with Cowboy Bebop with FLCL vibes.  In short, my style is inspired by late-night anime from 80’2 and early ’20s. You can find a lot of birds, Hellboy Mecha prosthetic arms, and nightmare mushrooms in my work.  If any of these references catch your eye, come check out my latest creations.


Indiana University Herron School of Art and Design 2018

Integrative Studio Practices w/ concentrations with

Illustration and Sculpture.


  • Between Michelle and George


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