Demetrius Witherspoon

Demetrius Witherspoon


LaSean started singing for local Jazz Artist, Dar’rell Green who was on the Lower Level Record Label in 1995. He also sang with George Middleton. LaSean performed lead and background vocals for three bands and has performed at the Madam Walker Theatre.

In 2000, LaSean came out with his independent CD entitled “LaSean’s Groves”. LaSean’s love for music moved him to entertain at another level – starting his DJ business, DV Entertainment in 1997. He has become known to many as their “Family DJ”.

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About My Work:

Pricing Information:

Pricing range varies. Track shows are less expensive: Free-$500.

If Band Performance: $500 and up depending on time requirements and equipment needed.

Always ask if my merchandise can be sold. CDs are $10.00



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