Diana Childers

Diana Childers


I am a self-taught photographer currently trying to expand networking opportunities. I attended The Art Institute of Indianapolis for Interior Design and took a few beneficial courses such as: Photoshop, Drawing and Perspective, Design Fundamentals etc. Other then that I have taught myself. I am a minimalist and believe that true creativity is developed through thinking outside the box and working with what you have.

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About My Work:

I like to work with whats around me.  In a photo shoot I aim to capture photos that look natural and uplanned.  My philosophy on life tells a story in my images.  My beliefs give the images emotion.  That is my goal, not only to see an image, but to feel it as well.

Pricing Information:


Starting at $300

I will interview you and come up with ideas based around your personality and likes. I work with stylist and MUA on these type of shoots, and are very professional. A date, time and location is all planned.

A down payment of $100 will be required the day of and another $200-$300 depending on package, when client receives photos. Please contact me by e-mail at DChilders2003@yahoo.com or by phone (317) 370-1712 to book a shoot.

All portrait sessions include unlimited poses and outfit changes. The best photos from the shoot are selected by me and then professionally edited creatively and artistically (print amount depending on desired package). Any package reprints must go through me. Please contact me by e-mail at DChilders2003@yahoo.com or by phone (317) 370-1712 to book a session.


A- $300
2 hours photography coverage.
1- digital files minimum 30-40 edited  images.
(1) 11×14
(1) 8×10
(2) 5×7
(8)4×6 wallet sized prints

B- $400
3 hrs photography coverage.
1- digital files with minimum 50-60 edited  images.
(2) 11×14
(2) 8X10
(4) 5X7
(12) 4×6 wallet sized prints

(all prints are professionally retouched)


Wedding photography coverage includes pre-ceremony preparation, ceremony and reception, depending on package duration of client’s choice. Contact for pricing.


The Art Institute for Interior Design.


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