Donna Carr

Donna Carr



Currently working on a commissioned painting for RenMin University in Beijing, China.

Currently working on commission of Dean’s portrait for the Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney school of Law



I paint in both oils and watercolors.  My style is very detailed as I enjoy capturing the small but important nuances that give the painting its ‘soul’.  I prefer images that make you smile and are pleasant to view every day.


More Info

About My Work:

I have unveiled work in Beijing China and recently completed commissioned Official Dean’s Portrait for the IU McKinney School of Law. I am exhibited at ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana.

I am known for my portraits for people and animals, but also enjoy creating still lifes. I paint mostly from photos, but prefer to meet the subject in person for total accuracy.

Pricing Information:

Pricing depends on the amount of work needed to complete the piece with the best result.  Smaller pieces are $500-3,000.  Medium pieces are $3,500-7,000.  Larger pieces are $8,000-$15,000.


I have had the opportunity of working with nationally known artists in perfecting my techniques which for most of us is a never-ending process!


Portrait Society of America

National Watercolor Society of America

American Watercolor Society of America

Between Paper and Palette



Best of Show

Governor’s Awards – 3 years – at Indiana State Fair

Award of Excellence – WSI


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  1. Looking to get 36×24 oil painting of my beautiful mother riding horseback


  2. Looking to get 36×24 oil painting of my beautiful mother riding horseback.


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