Elaine Wolfe

Elaine Wolfe


“One’s canvas or piece of paper is the window into the soul of the creator.  My own art reflects my feelings and emotions and my concern and respect for the beauty of the world.”  Elaine’s favorite quote is one from Cesare Pavese, who stated “The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten”.  Artwork can return one to those memories by returning the viewer to a particular moment in time where the place, colors, atmosphere, and light all trigger those feelings of

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About My Work:

Elaine started her art career painting the seasonal beauty of Pennsylvania and her native Indiana.  She has lived in five states and traveled throughout the world finding beauty wherever she went.  It is this serene beauty that she conveys to her patrons so that they experience a sense of time and place within their own lives.  Working in various media, Elaine has exhibited and won prizes, both locally and nationally, in all media.  Her works are found throughout the U.S. and in private and corporate collections around the world.  She is best known for her landscapes, wildlife portraits, and depictions of European architecture.


Her formal art training was accomplished in Philadelphia on the East Coast, where she was a member of numerous art organizations. 


Since returning to Indiana, Elaine has been an artist/owner of CCA Fine Art Gallery since 1981.  Elaine is also a member of The Hoosier Salon; Indiana Artists Club, Inc.; Irvington Guild of Artists; Indiana Art Center; Watercolor Society of Indiana; Sullivan-Munce Art and Cultural Center; Indianapolis Museum of Art; Southside


Accepted in 2008, 2009, and 2010 SALI Midwest National Abstract Exhibitions – Accepted in 2008, 2009, and 2010 Themed Exhibit, Clark Gallery at the Honeywell Center – Merit Award 2010 Indiana Artists, 78th Annual Juried Exhibition at the IMA – HM 2010 SALI Juried Members Show – HM 2010 Indiana State Fair – Merit Award 2011 Indiana Artists, 79th Annual Juried Exhibition at the IMA



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