Elizabeth Hoehn

My goal is to change the way people view their lives by designing custom order canvas for my clients.   These paintings will increase their home value and the way they view their lives.

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About My Work:

I design custom order canvas for all types of spaces.  I meet with clients one on one and use their adjectives and thoughts to create a one of a kind piece that will liven up their home for years.  I advertise on my own website to draw in new business.  I work out of my home studio to achieve the best results.

Pricing Information:

I have hand drawn illustrations from fifteen dollars to canvas paintings that range up in the thousands depending on the size of the piece.


I graduated International Business College in 2001.  I graduated top of the class for Graphic Design.


Student of the Term, November 2001.  Director’s List.


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  1. I’ve purchased several of Liz’s paintings. She is unique, sharp, and thinks outside the box. Every single time I work with her she changes the way I look at my own life.
    She’s amazing!!!


  2. This has to be my favorite of all my art pieces. My originals made and then this one is just gorgeous !


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