Ellie Garvey

Ellie Garvey is an Indianapolis-based jewelry designer and children’s book writer/illustrator. She minored in metalsmithing and jewelry-making during her undergraduate work at Indiana University, where she earned a BA in Telecommunications (2006). Ellie then went on to work in fashion jewelry design in San Francisco, CA, designing collections for corporate markets such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. Since settling in Indianapolis in 2010, Ellie has been designing and fabricating her own jewelry

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About My Work:

In both mediums, my work employs complex patterning, floral motifs, and the beauty of nature to evoke sentiment and promote a sense of well-being. My work is colorful and folk art inspired; it explores the relationship between delicacy and wildness, and it aspires to remind the observer of some long-forgotten magic that is still accessible to us all. It is my belief that vibrant folk art can draw upon timeless themes that rouse the spirit, reorient us with the ethos of childhood, and unburden the soul.

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Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2006


2022/2023 Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship, Indy Arts Council, Lilly Endowment Inc.


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