Emily Ehmer

Whether I am working with watercolor, gouache, oil or mixed media, I especially enjoy translating the emotion of the moment through the richness of color. My technique tends to be deliberate and straight-forward, and I am especially fascinated by simplicity, or a less is more approach to painting.



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About My Work:

Ehmer considers hers a less-is-more approach to painting in that she appreciates simplicity. She works with various media including watercolor, gouache, oil, and mixed media. She strives to convey emotion through the richness of color.


Exhibits: Documentation Womanmade Gallery, Chicago; The Figure, University of Indianapolis; Krempp Gallery, Jasper; Visual Expressions on Jazz, Savacou Ga llery and H&M Gallery, N.Y. Exhibits;Get Out the Art, Dean Johnson Gallery, Indianapolis, 2004; Not in My Name, Indianapolis Art Center Cultural



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