Emma Schwartz

Emma Schwartz


Emma Schwartz recently graduated from Herron School of Art + Design with a BFA in Drawing & Illustration with a Minor in Art History. She is currently a first-year MFA candidate at Syracuse University.


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About My Work:

My work currently explores the effects of Evangelical Purity culture on the secular and religious realms. I depict moments of potential action with the self and with others, highlighting the push and pull between the divine mind and the wants of the flesh. I raise questions pertaining to myself and society in this journey of sexual freedom. As a woman am I able to choose when I am seen as sexual? Does this public act of displaying my sensuality relinquish my control of it? Can a woman’s sexuality ever be celebrated free of scrutiny?

Upcoming Events:

2023 – The Wall @ Syracuse University “Interzone”, Syracuse, NY

Pricing Information:

Use eemmaschwartzz@gmail.com to contact about pricing.


IUPUI (Herron School of Art & Design) – August 2018 to May 2022

  • BFA in Drawing and Illustration
  • Minor in Art History

Syracuse University – August 2022 to May 2025

  • MFA in Studio Art