Eric Dycus

Eric Dycus is an accomplished visionary who specializes in Cinematography. As the owner

of Dycus Vision Production LLC, Dycus boasts 9+ years of illustrative excellence! His

portfolio includes exemplary works with MTV, NBC, FOX SPORTS and many other

esteemed conglomerates. Dycus lends a unique skill set resulting in a multitude of

masterfully, crafted Corporate commercials, Short and Feature films, Trailers and Motion


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About My Work:

Dycus is an ambassador for self-investment and spares no expense when it comes to

acquiring the state-of-the-art hardware necessary to cultivate cinematic innovation. He is

also well-versed in numerous software bringing forth cutting-edge, editing skills. This

trailblazer is undoubtedly on pace to become one of the most creatively, progressive

visionaries of our time!


  • Design Crate on location shoot


  • Dycus Vision PSA


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