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Erin Harper Vernon

A theme of investigation in the environment is a connective trait between several of my projects, including: Light pollution, suburban studies, and toxic towns. The subject matter varies, but the work always shows this sense of inspection or a static visual event, object, or place in the landscape. These works critique our culture and its demands on limited natural resources, inviting a dialogue between crisis and stasis, risk and threat while questioning the balance between the construction

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The house becomes the factory in several of the images, or a foundation in the shadow of the power plant; serving, as a visual metaphor to reference the human body. The images are void of the human figure to remove a reference to scale and time, to emphasize a presence of absence. This work is intended to empower and inform the viewer, while asking them to examine the impact of pollution in a familiar space being the landscape of the viewer’s own hometowns and local communities. The viewer is to make the connection between each photograph, to have a sense that each town is not isolated but is part of a very real and shared human experience related to his or her own environment and the more critical eye that may be turned toward it.

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B.F.A. Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN M.F.A. The Ohio State University, Columbus OH



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