Erin Lawrance Salewicz

“I am motivated to create because of my adoration of the process of making art. THe organic quality of media, i.e. oil paint can sometimes dictate the direction a piece takes. My work is a reflection of places, feelings, patterns, details and vagueness. These snapshots of moments mean different things to everyone, and are supposed to be malleable.”



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About My Work:

My works are layered, patterend, colorful, and open to interpretation. I create textured surfaces on canvas by applying tissue paper, using graphite, watercolor pencils, or pastels, and acrylic to create an underpainting of the compostion. Then I use oils and various mediums to achieve an interesting surface, full of juxtaposed elements. My work lately have been inspired by bird houses, Boone County, jewelry, and flora. They can be mechanical & botanical at the same time.

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