Faith Revell

I observe how both natural and artificial light and color transform a scene into something new. Using natural elements, such as water and rock, I document my emotional and spiritual journey, and my ability or inability to break open, elevate my consciousness and learn how to dance. I photograph, draw and paint land, sky, water, stone, plants, people, and interiors. My work exudes energy, expressed in lively lines and color—evidence of life vibrating. I brush and pour the paint on and let it

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About My Work:

When photographing, I use a digital camera, frame the image at the shoot, and modify the image thereafter on my computer. I paint on stretched canvas usually in acrylic first and follow with a final layer of oil in some paintings. Calligraphic line, gesture, and robust expression borne out of my drawing skills and a zest for life are apparent in the paintings.

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  • MFA Painting, Maryland Institute, College of Art. Baltimore, MD
  • BA Art, minor biological sciences, SUNY Binghamton. Binghamton, NY



Former Director of Exhibitions at the Indiana Historical Society and Cloisters Children’s Museum Former Freelance writer, Sculpture Magazine Former lecturerer in art (fine arts and design), Villa Julie College and College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, MD. Freelance calligrapher. Volunteer teacher with Art with a Heart



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