Felix Melchor

I’m originally from Hamler, Ohio, a small town in NW Ohio. I moved to Carmel, IN in October 2019. I am a self-taught artist creating primarily ink drawings, watercolor paintings and combined ink and watercolor. Began my artistic adventure in late 2015. I enjoy experimenting as I continue to find myself in art. I am definitely and perpetually in a constant state of learning.

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About My Work:

In relation to being self-taught I often work outside the box and simply do my own thing relatively speaking.  I participate in Inktober consisting of a daily ink drawing during the month of October based upon a prompt word or subject.  I started watercolor painting in 2017 and have loved every bit of the journey thus far.  I don’t have an absolute style yet as I love to explore and prefer not to put myself in a box.  I equate my approach of applying different techniques or style to someone who enjoys reading diverse genres as opposed to simply suspense thrillers or a traveler who loves all aspects of nature and/or architecture as opposed to only sandy beaches and contemporary structures.  As Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes said, the world is like a blank sheet of paper, let’s go exploring.

Upcoming Events:

I was one of 50 artists chosen to display an art piece in blown up vinyl format during Swish, a March Madness cultural event in Indianapolis in March 2021.  My painting named Petrichor is 1 of 10 displayed at the Indianapolis International Airport.

16 of my paintings are on display at Brew House Coffee and Bake Shop in Maumee, OH.  I rotate new pieces in periodically.  Current display since March 2019.

Artist Member of CCA Art Gallery in Carmel, IN from March 2022.

Former event: an April 2019 month-long solo exhibition at American Frame Gallery in Maumee, Ohio.


Pricing Information:

My works vary in pricing as I have a combination of matted and framed originals as well as prints availabe for purchase.  Additionally, I have original pieces unframed but available for purchase.


  • Gallery 1 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 2 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 3 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 4 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 5 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 6 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 7 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 8 - Felix Melchor
  • Gallery 9 - Felix Melchor
  • Untitled. Abstract watercolor.


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  1. Is there a way to get a print of Scarlet Shelter? Originally saw it at Brew House in Maumee.



  2. Your work inspires me. When I see photos on the internet of art I like, I save it on my computer in my Inspiration and Education folder. Recently I was organizing this folder and realized that I had saved many of your pieces. Thanks for all that beauty. Someday I hope to be able to make a purchase.


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