Israel Solomon

Israel Solomon is a visual artist and art educator who currently works mainly within the Indianapolis area. He currently teaches middle school art and has created a curriculum, focusing on the foundations of visual art such as drawing and painting technique. Israel also ensures that his students are exposed to a wide variety of artists and forms of expression, including music, dance, and design.

As an artist, Israel enjoys sharing his work with the city of Indianapolis.  In 2018, Israel

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About My Work:

Israel enjoys using geometric patterns and the human figure within his artwork.  He mixes vibrant colors with shape and pattern to create rhythm within his paintings.  Israel works to distribute colors evenly through the canvas in order to create a sense of balance within each piece.  His goal is to create a color pulse and rhythm that moves the viewers eye through the painting.  Israel works to make each shape and layer of color equally interesting within his paintings whether it be in the foreground or background.

Pricing Information:

Please Contact me via email or any social media platform to discuss project pricing, and to express any interest.


Ball State University- Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts Education 2003

Marion University- Masters of Education in Visual Arts Education 2019


KIPP Indy College Prep Middle School- Visual Arts Teacher


  • Five Little Ladies 24x36


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