Jade Haggard

Jade Haggard


Color. Imagination. Abstract. Music. Every aspect of my personality is seen throughout my artwork. I’m an open minded soul with a strong, passionate love for color. Deep, rich colors trigger a hunger inside and inspire me to create. In so doing, my art reflects my passion and contains as much color as I can possibly use in a given project. My vivid imagination helps me work very abstractly and express ideas depicting all elements of design. Music, however, has the strongest influence on me.

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About My Work:

My artwork is painfully ecclectic!  As my artist statement describes, my open-mindedness allows me to use any media assigned or desired and tackle any project given.  I can get as detailed as detailed can get, or abstract or expressionistic and anything in between!  I thoroughly enjoy working with unique ideas. I have a strong ability to visualize any ideas and thus create something out of “nothing,” in sense, such as ARTWORK!  🙂

Pricing Information:

My pricing ranges anywhere from $25 to $350.  Pricing depends on size, media, and weather or not I incorporate a frame.


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