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Januarie York



Born on the 23rd of January and having always felt like the stork missed that left turn at Albuquerque and dropped her off in Indianapolis, instead of New York City, where she’s been known to say her “soul was born” at, the artist formerly known as “nSAYchable” has changed her name to a befitting januarieYork. “It crosses the literary boundaries. I can write anything with this name and not feel embarrassed or wonder if people are interpreting it wrong. I’m not caged to the

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Probably most known for poem, Brownstone in Brooklyn, about a little girl who suffers a life of trauma and lives vicariously through her dreams and the Cosby Show, januarieYork has continued to prove she is more than a one-hit wonder. She left the label she was attached to in 2009 and went on to begin the poetry grind by herself and on her own terms. Not one to stay inside of the box, januarieYork’s talent for writing extends well beyond the poetic plateau. In addition to putting the final touches on her upcoming CD, she is currently writing her first book “DysISfunctional” which will recount stories of her life and poems to reflect the stories and knowing her, probably much more! Her poems and stories and even the articles she writes are full of the type of descriptions that don’t stop at making a point, they paint a picture the audience has been known to see. On the verge of her much-anticipated first full poetry CD release, La Douleur eXquise: The eXquisite Pain, januarieYork is also freelance writing for Midwest Leak Magazine, a local hip-hop magazine, as well as writing reviews of various shows for a local blog about the arts entitled, Imjussayin’s. She also has four of her own blogs she actively updates regularly, including a fashion blog designed to reinvent how women see their reflections. januarieYork is on her way to becoming to a well recognized writer of her time. If you don’t know her by now, you’re late.



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