Jared Rust

Jared Rust


My favorite thing about building furniture is the creative process. Making something new and different always excites me beyond words. That is why custom work is the highlight of this job for me, and why when people want to order something identical to a piece I made in the past, I’m likely to try to talk them out of it. I want you to feel like you had a part in the creation of your own furniture, whether that part is as small as an idea or a suggestion, or as big as a detailed sketch of what

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About My Work:

I love nothing more than using my imagination, my hands, and a few tools to transform sticks, logs, and boards into beautiful, functional, totally original works of art that will be used and admired as heirlooms for generations. I am inspired by both the traditional and modern, the eastern and western, the simple and intricate, and my goal is to reconcile the apparent differences in what seem to be opposite approaches in style and design, hopefully making the naturally hand-crafted more appealing than the robotically mass-manufactured. I am working to universalize art by merging traditional rustic style with modern design, using only the most basic and natural forms of wood.

I am constantly refining my process to make it more “green” by the day. I use reclaimed, recycled, reused lumber whenever possible. My framing material is primarily young hickory trees, which are an extremely renewable resource, because when cut they generate a shoot from the stump, which then grows into a new trunk! All electricity used to power the tools in my shop is certified green wind power. Interior pieces are finished with natural oils, rather than toxic urethane. And I’m open to any more suggestions!

Pricing Information:

Each piece is unique and built to suit your needs and your budget. I’ll try my best to make you what you need for what you can afford because I believe that regular people should be able to afford quality craftsmanship.


I don’t have any degrees, haven’t won any awards, and didn’t attend any official art school. My teachers aren’t famous, but they are experienced. I learned the basics of the art of working with wood in its most natural forms from a few talented old hillbillies in the Ozark Mountains of rural North Central Arkansas, where I lived for about a year. The rest I have and continue to learn from books


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