Jason Wright

Jason Wright


One of a rare breed of genuine and diverse artists, alpha.live draws from the passion, pain and storied beauty of life itself. Through his gift of storytelling and vivid imagery, alpha. paints a world splashed with introspective wisdom and a mastery of lyricism.

Sharp, witty, prolific, and candid, this humble wordsmith strives to leave an indelible mark upon each listener by being a voice to the voiceless, without preaching. An ‘MC’s MC’, his solid history and active involvement in the

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About My Work:

“Passionate, energetic and fun. I craft stories, take you on a journey within the stage. I LIVE for crowd interaction and am not confined to the stage. As for the music itself; i dare anyone NOT to get lost in it. Because that’s what it’s made for.” alpha.live

Pricing Information:

Negotiable. booking@alphaisforever.com for inquiries & quotes. Available for Hip Hip performances, Spoken Word performances, public/motivational speaking, panel discussions, and mentoring program ‘iWrite’.



Nightsons, LLC.


2009 NUVO Hip Hop Cipher- listed as one of the top freestyling MC’s in Indianapolis



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