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Javiere Lockett the creator behind the alias Javi, I am an Artist and Designer based in Indianapolis, IN. I have always had a passion for creativity since a young boy and over time that passion became part of who I am. Every aspect of life involves creativity and through the work, I create I can share where it affects my life the most. My foundation has always been in traditional art and illustration but I furthered my studies in college as a Graphic Designer. During my time in

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About My Work:


My style plays heavily on the vibrant colors of comic books along with the use of light, shadow, the combination of afro-futurist elements, fantasy, hip hop, street wear, rock, and cinematography. My art aims to successfully have a blend of eastern and western influences. Through my art, I am often depicting images that express emotion, messages, or ideas to my audience.

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All inquiries on pricing can be answered via email or through my website.


Bachelors Degree of Arts in Graphic Design with a Minor in Business Marketing.


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