Jean Benabou

Jean Benabou



The process of my technique is that of obscuring images through a multitude of painted and varnished surfaces, collage materials and layers. The image is destroyed, obscured and then reactivated, thus suggesting the cycle and eroding power of time.

I am unconcerned about the explanation or easily extracted meaning of my work.

By not being immediately understandable, the content forces the viewer to participate in deciphering meaning for themselves.

Thus this way of seeing the act of creating

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About My Work:


The process of my work is to obscure images through the layering of painted and varnished surfaces and collage materials. The images suggest the cycle and eroding power of time by the abstracting of personal meaning and symbolism.


Pricing Information:

Prices vary from $300.00-$2,000.00 for original pieces.



Otis Parsons, LA. CA. 09/89 – 06/91- MFA

Otis Parsons, LA. CA. 09/85 – 06/87- BFA



WCA, San Diego

Woman Made Gallery,Chicago, IL



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