Jeff Bottom

My work is still in the constant development stage every painting is a little better than the last moving toward a finished style I perceive to be the ultimate for me. I generally paint landscapes, or objects of interest to me. I use a lot of paint drying each coat before the next this gives the final piece a true depth weather I’m using brush or knife.



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About My Work:

My interest in drawing and painting have been with me since I was a boy. It seems I was always doing a sketch or painting with my Practa school paints something or other. My chosen career ended up being the design, manufacture of custom jewelry devoting 25 years to running a successful business. Now at the age of fifty I have cut back on my work schedule to return to what I loved as a boy. Seriously studying the works of my favorite artists Winslow Homer, Brown county artists, Tony Couch, E. J. Paprocki and C.W.Mundy I taught myself how to paint in a professional style. I began competing in 2006 and have been accepted to show at the Hoosier Salon, Indiana Heritage Arts and Indiana State Fair as well as other private gallery shows receiving both purchase and merit awards. Oils are the medium I choose to work in along with an occasional watercolor. I generally do a quick sketch or watercolor along with taking photos of a landscape or seascape which are my favorite subjects, and do my work in the studio where the environment is in my control. I feel truly blessed in my life. As a young man I was able to create fine pieces of jewelry and now as a little older young man I have been given the opportunity to become a painter. Artist Statement: To paint is to create, to create is to satisfy the soul.

Pricing Information:

$500 – $3,000


Hoosier Salon, Brown County Art Gallery, Indiana Plein Aire Painters Assc.


Will Vawter Competition 1- 2nd Place, 3 merits Brown County Art Gallery Fall Patron Show 07 1st place Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit 2 – purchase Awards Indiana Heritage Arts 1- purchase award 08 Indiana State Fair 1-


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