Jenna Brock

Jenna Brock


The search for beauty is why I create. The simple act of production gives me a sense of fulfillment. I currently am trying to locate my voice as an artist by slowly working on a full and complete body of new works.

When I create a print I usually have a message I want to convey.  Next I brainstorm various images on how to portray that message through visual imagery.  My media of choice is woodblock reduction prints.  This particular media creates the most wonderful marks, which are created

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About My Work:

My work explores various themes in printmaking and painting. I try to keep a message of truth and faith that challanges society, both the secular and Christian world.  These truths are things that I have discovered myself and have experienced.  Challenges that I have faced, I place upon the page. I also use various works of poetry to inspire my work.  I enjoy taking literature and putting it into visual form.

Among a message I require a strong visual appearance.  My works usually incorporate expressive lines and rough textures due to the nature of the medium.


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Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art Education from Ball State University.


Teacher of the Year Award in 2010


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