Jennifer Shirley

Jennifer Shirley


Making things has become more of a necessity than a simple pleasure. When I go for long periods of time without making, I feel a sense of disconnection with something that keeps me grounded and in a place where I can be the best person I can be to my family, my friends and myself. It just makes everything better. The objects that I make are reflections of things that I encounter in daily life. Patterns, textures, forms and even music that I am attracted to seem to appear in and inform my work.

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About My Work:

I work mainly in wood that I shape on a wood lathe. My work is both decorative and functional. I make items such as bowls, platters, vases and lidded containers. After they are turned on the lathe I then embellish them with a variety of tools such as a woodburner, carving tools, acrylic mediums, wire etc.

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I have been a maker all of my life and have been making things with the help of a wood lathe for 12 years. I have studied at several craft schools in week long workshops and now teach all over the country at these same schools and at symposiums and seminars.


Current member of the American Association of Woodturners.


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