Jennifer Strange

Jennifer Strange



A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Art degree from Indiana University, Bloomington in 1982 in painting and drawing. During her undergraduate studies, she studied in Florence, Italy. In 1985, Jennifer returned to Italy, as a scholarship recipient during graduate studies in fine arts. She spent three months in Cortona, a medieval hill town in central Italy. In 1986, she received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Georgia, Athens.

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About My Work:

My studio work ranges from representational expressions of landscapse, places I have traveled and especially places that have a deep connection to the human spirit.  The work from my Dante Series is more serious work that studies the human condition.

Pricing Information:

Ranges from $500 to $7500


BA Indiana University Bloomington, 1982

MFA University of Georgia, Athens, 1985

Studies Abroad Program: Indiana University, Florence, Italy 1981

Studies Abroad Program:  Univeristy of Georgia, Cortona, Italy 1984



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